Sales & Marketing Alignment: A winning combination

In today’s challenging sales environment, where the customer holds most of the power, it’s more important than ever for your Sales and Marketing teams to be aligned, working toward the same goal—driving profitable, sustainable growth.

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One powerful source

There are common complaints among Sales and Marketing when it comes to leads. Sales is never happy with the quality of leads passed to them by Marketing and Marketing thinks Sales never follows up quickly or effectively. This lends itself to disparate departments, concentrating on different groups of prospects. But instead of targeting different groups, what if Marketing and Sales focused their efforts on the same prospects? Sharing lists and defining an ideal buyer—together—gives both teams a clear picture of the target persona(s) and how to move them through the funnel. Marketing can work with those still at the top of the funnel, in need of nurturing, so that Sales can focus their efforts on the leads that are actually ready to make a purchase. With RainKing, both sales and marketing have access to the same data – and with role-based workflows, both teams can leverage the data in their own way while still working together.

Quality AND Quantity

When Marketing understands what Sales is looking for in a quality lead, they can run inbounds against RainKing’s database to ensure the contact information is correct and that person is the best to talk to within that organization. RainKing may suggest additional contacts with decision making power for Sales to reach out to as well. With RainKing, Marketing teams can provide Sales with quality and quantity.

Here's how:


More bang for your buck

With the implementation of ABM/ABS, both teams need to work together seamlessly to be effective. Strategizing together to build email and call campaigns targeting a list of your most likely buyers gives you more bang for your buck. Marketing can use insight gained through the latest investment signals to create highly personalized, timely, and relevant messaging that will resonate with your prospect, opening the door for sales to close the deal.

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Get more ROI from events

Whether you are hosting or attending an event, the purpose is to come away with better relationships and new leads. RainKing can help validate the leads you've come away with as well as find other prospects within the same organization you should be speaking to. Marketing can help qualify and nurture the most promising leads by putting them through a drip campaign. Once the leads are further down the funnel, sales can take over and close the deal.

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