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Knowing is just the beginning

By identifying who will be making—and what will be driving—IT purchasing decisions, RainKing’s rich and customized sales intelligence platform empowers you to make smarter, faster sales.

New IT investment signals surfaced daily


Today’s new investment signals


Total value of today’s potential sales opportunities


Estimated value of 2016 potential sales opportunities

Our sales intelligence goes far beyond names and phone numbers

See how we can help you.

Increase sales productivity

  • Be alerted to your prospect’s pain-points before your competitors
  • Leverage detailed org charts to contact key decision makers
  • Improve quality and maintain accuracy of your CRM data
RainKing’s research team always comes through with real-­time intelligence on reporting structures and decision­-makers."

Joe Cordoni | Strategic Account Representative


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Decrease time between lead and conversion

  • Leverage actionable investment signals and detailed profiles to personalize messaging and generate more Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)
  • Increase data quality in your marketing automation and CRM tools
  • Increase event ROI by identifying locations with the most prospects
We had tried all kinds of solutions… we wanted something that was always current. We wanted our team to feel confident they wouldn’t be wasting their time."

Steve Killian | Senior Marketing Programs Manager


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Drive profitable growth

  • Fill your sales pipeline to drive revenue and increase market share
  • Optimize productivity and efficiency across your organization
  • Increase existing CRM and marketing automation ROI with higher quality data
We have fewer salespeople than we did last year and we achieved higher revenue. RainKing has contributed not only to our revenue growth, but also to lowering the costs related to getting that growth."

Larry Hodge | President


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Precision targeting for your needs—and budget

Whether you’re a multinational organization or a small start-up, RainKing drives growth by surfacing sales intelligence most critical to your sales and marketing efforts. We will work closely with you to customize a solution that fits your needs and budget. With RainKing in place, you will be able to access direct contact information, rich org charts and daily IT investment signals to better target decision-makers across organizations, from IT and marketing departments to human resources, staffing, finance, and more. Our business intelligence starts the conversation—so you can close the deal.

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Working smarter

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