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Grow your pipeline, shorten your sales cycle

  • Generate quality leads in seconds, and keep your pipeline filled all year
  • Leverage detailed org charts to identify and connect with key decision makers
  • Improve quality and maintain accuracy of your CRM data
RainKing is an integral part of the success of our sales team. It helps us get to decision makers more quickly."

Adam Carajabal | Global Account Executive | VeriSign

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Decrease time between lead and conversion

  • Leverage actionable investment signals and detailed profiles to personalize messaging and improve ABM your efforts
  • Increase email deliverability by keeping your marketing automation and CRM data accurate and up-to-date
  • Increase event ROI by identifying locations with the most prospects
We had tried all kinds of solutions… we wanted something that was always current. We wanted our team to feel confident they wouldn’t be wasting their time."

Steve Killian | Senior Marketing Programs Manager


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Drive profitable growth

  • Fill your sales pipeline to drive revenue and increase market share
  • Optimize productivity and efficiency across your organization
  • Increase existing CRM and marketing automation ROI with higher quality data
We have fewer salespeople than we did last year and we achieved higher revenue. RainKing has contributed not only to our revenue growth, but also to lowering the costs related to getting that growth."

Larry Hodge | President


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Generate new, profitable business

  • Keep your sales pipeline full with new, quality leads
  • Anticipate an organization's hiring needs before your competition and engage directly with actual hiring managers
  • Connect more powerfully with prospects by gaining insight into areas of responsibility, specific pain points, strategic initiatives, and more
RainKing enables us to significantly cut down the time it takes to gather contact information and details about technologies in use, which allows sales to be more efficient in their activities."

Neil Florio | VP Marketing


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Why RainKing ‘wins’ every time

In this 3-minute intro video our leadership team and clients dive into the who, what, why and how of the industry’s leading sales and marketing intelligence solution. Understand why RainKing “wins” through three core components: data and intelligence, technology, service and support. Learn about the research methodology behind our intelligence, get a glimpse of the software platform, and hear about the success our clients are experiencing with RainKing as part of their sales and marketing technology stacks. After watching, we have no doubt you will want to take a more personalized tour for yourself!

Precision targeting for your needs—and budget

Whether you’re a multinational organization or a small start-up, RainKing's platform delivers ONE SOLUTION to empower your sales and marketing engine to overcome today's biggest growth challenges and drive real results. We work closely with you to customize a solution that fits your needs and budget. With RainKing in place, you can improve efforts around data accuracy, lead generation, account-based marketing, sales and marketing alignment, and more.
Precision targeting for your needs—and budget

Working smarter

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