Predictive Analytics: Know who to contact, when to call, & what to say. Really.

A buyer is typically 60% through the sales cycle before they even engage with Sales. RainKing’s predictive analytics surface likely buyers early enough in the process to give you the opportunity to influence the decision making process.

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Are you talking to the right person at the right time?

Think about your best customers. Are they a specific size, in a certain industry, fall within a particular revenue band, or leverage specific technologies? These characteristics make up what we call an ‘ideal buyer persona.’ With a set of customized characteristics and criteria, RainKing can help you find likely buyers and surface new prospects who are currently in need of your product or service. We even have a tool that will rank these contacts so your time is spent productively, calling the top prospects first.

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Make your cold calls warmer

Don’t miss out on a deal or lose an opportunity because you were late to the table. Every day, RainKing's research team publishes thousands of investment signals indicating that a sales opportunity may be imminent. These signals include upcoming projects, new funding, contract expirations, pain points, potential tech spending, and more, along with the relevant contacts. With RainKing, you can connect directly with the decision maker at precisely the right time with a message that will undoubtedly resonate.

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Content they actually want to read

Every day we are bombarded by emails; some are pertinent, while others seem to come out of left field. RainKing’s actionable intelligence and investment signals provide insight into what your prospects actually want or need to hear. Are they experiencing pain in a specific tech area? Are they beginning a new project? Do they have a competitive contract expiring? Whether they’re at the very top of the funnel and require more nurturing or further along in their sales journey and need more in-depth information, you can use RainKing’s actionable intelligence to create relevant content and messaging that will be of interest to your prospects and resonate with their current situation.

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