Customer Success & Retention: Closing the deal is just the beginning

Many organizations place a lot of emphasis on quality lead generation and closing new business, however, signing a new customer is only the beginning. Customer success and retention is more important than ever in driving revenue and sustainable growth.

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Additional opportunities

RainKing’s Inside Scoops detail organizational pains, upcoming projects, new funding, contract renewals, and more. Staying on top of your customers’ changing needs and priorities gives you the opportunity to ensure your solution remains relevant and effective. If a current solution isn’t adequate and your service can provide additional solutions, the doors to potential up-sell or cross-sell opportunities are opened.

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Content Marketing through the lifecycle

Your Marketing team can also take pain points and create thought leadership or content pieces to provide additional value to your clients. By speaking to what’s top-of-mind and interacting with clients frequently, your company becomes more of a partner than a simple tech install— which will go a long way in maintaining a long-term relationship.

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Don’t get burned by churn

Churn is a fact of business and one of the largest threats to providers that serve B2B organizations. After all the time you spent cultivating a relationship, reinforcing the value of your product, and gaining loyalty, your champion leaves the company. Staying on top of this information mitigates account risk by allowing you time to establish a new point of contact. As the Account Manager starts to establish the new relationship, the Client Success and Marketing teams can work together to deliver relevant training, resources, and thought leadership to ease the onboarding process.

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