ONE powerful solution to overcome your growth challenges

The diverse functionality of the RainKing platform ensures you have ONE tool to target your audience, close deals, and grow your business. Our enhanced features are designed to increase your productivity and help you overcome your biggest growth challenges. All backed by rigorous research to give you the industry’s most comprehensive sales and marketing intelligence.

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Actionable, forward-looking intelligence

  • Surface companies that fit your ideal buyer persona and identify the decision-makers and budget holders that you need to connect with
  • Access detailed profiles on each of your top prospects, including technologies currently in place, those responsible for managing them, direct contact information, and more
  • Be alerted to actionable investment signals before your competition by receiving daily notifications on current pain points, recently announced initiatives, new projects, changes in management and more

Powerful software

  • Surface your mostly likely buyers among our vast database by using advanced search functionality that allows you to filter by industry, geography, technologies currently in use, existing pain points, budget, and more
  • Verify, clean, and enrich your existing prospect lists and CRM data while allowing RainKing to surface new leads that match your ideal buyer persona
  • Surface and prioritize your most likely buyers with our powerful ranking tool

Streamlined workflow

  • Plan more successful events by using RainKing to curate the guest list and choose the optimal location and venue
  • Improve effectiveness across the sales cycle with tools designed to enable greater sales and marketing alignment
  • Use pre-built sales and marketing workflows, and sync and append data between RainKing, your CRM, and your marketing automation tools to improve efficiency and drive real results

Seamless integrations

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Working smarter

Read our latest blog posts and industry news.

RK_Oct_Blog1_960x540.jpg RainKing Placeholder Image

User Error! Employee Carelessness the Top Cyber Threat?

  • Surveys
  • Research
  • Analytics

2017 is shaping up to be the year of the cyberattack. The first half of the year has already seen the world baited with a…

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Federal vs. State Tech Spending Trends RainKing Placeholder Image

Federal vs. State Tech Spending Trends

  • Blog
  • IT Sales
  • IT Marketing

While government IT often has a reputation of lagging behind the times and spending valuable budget dollars on maintaining old legacy systems, the new administration…

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Federal Government Spending Outlook: Anybody’s Guess RainKing Placeholder Image

Federal Government Spending Outlook: Anybody’s Guess

  • Blog
  • IT Sales

Will the federal budget achieve consensus before the deadline on September 30? Nobody knows. Even though one party holds all three branches of government, which…

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macbook-606763_1280.jpg RainKing Placeholder Image

Intelligence is to Sales as Google is to Web Sites...

  • Business Intelligence
  • Analytics
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Omnibound

I love analogies. Analogies help people understand complex ideas, especially ones where they have low familiarity. Marketing and sales intelligence is a concept that could…

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How RainKing makes a difference

RainKing Placeholder Image

Q1 Labs earns unprecedented return on RainKing investment. "It would be crazy not to renew," says Worldwide Director of Digital Sales.

  • Case Study

When it came time to renew Q1 Labs’RainKing license, Worldwide Director of Digital Sales-Security Kris Semb used to be able to snap his fingers....

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Palamida Logo Image RainKing Placeholder Image

Palamida's enterprise sales team leverages insight on decision maker hierarchy and management changes

  • Case Study
  • IT Sales

When a decision maker moves out of the chain or a new technical evaluator steps in, your carefully built pipeline can begin to fragment....

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Proofpoint Case Study Image | RainKing RainKing Placeholder Image

RainKing supercharges the Proofpoint sales team

  • Case Study
  • Executives

Proofpoint provides security-as-a-service solutions to block spam and viruses, prevent leaks of confidential information, encrypt sensitive data and securely archive email. Since 2002, the...

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Whitlock Case Study Image | RainKing RainKing Placeholder Image

Whitlock Infrastructure Solutions increases ROI from customer events

  • Case Study
  • IT Marketing

Whitlock, which helps large organizations improve IT operational efficiency by deploying customized software from Hewlett-Packard and other partners, is a lean, efficient operation. Jamieson...

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