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Federal vs. State Tech Spending Trends

7.24.2017 |
  • Blog
  • IT Sales
  • IT Marketing
While government IT often has a reputation of lagging behind the times and spending valuable budget dollars on maintaining old legacy systems, the new administration… Read More »

Federal Government Spending Outlook: Anybody’s Guess

7.17.2017 |
  • Blog
  • IT Sales
Will the federal budget achieve consensus before the deadline on September 30? Nobody knows. Even though one party holds all three branches of government, which… Read More »

Intelligence is to Sales as Google is to Web Sites...

7.13.2017 |
  • Business Intelligence
  • Analytics
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Omnibound
I love analogies. Analogies help people understand complex ideas, especially ones where they have low familiarity. Marketing and sales intelligence is a concept that could… Read More »

RainKing Takes on Federal Sales Intelligence, Finding Opportunity Amid the Red Tape

7.10.2017 |
  • Blog
  • IT Sales
Unless you’ve been in hibernation for the last five months, you’ve probably heard that the Federal Government is in a bit of a transitional moment.… Read More »
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