Extract more value from your data

Data is only as good as the insights you draw from it. RainKing refines and analyzes your prospect data to save you time and ensure you are focusing on only the best opportunities. Learn more about how our targeting and ranking features helps you work faster and smarter to drive measurable results.

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Surface and rank your most likely buyers

Our Prediction Engine shows you the shortest distance between you and a sale, saving you time and energy. Filter by keywords, technologies-in-use, revenue, IT budget and more to define your ideal customer. Then, let RainKing find you new, high-potential leads and rank your prospects based on likeliness to buy. With the power of RainKing's analytics, you will be able to target the right people, at the right companies, at precisely the right time with just a few clicks.
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Increase ROI on your sales efforts

Rather than working with incomplete, often poor quality leads gathered from tradeshows, webinars or online form fills, Prospect Prism uses the ideal buyer persona you’ve already established to refine and enhance your existing prospect lists. Additionally, the tool leverages your ideal buyer persona to prioritize leads in terms of likeliness to buy so you can focus on only those leads that are worth your time. It even compares your lists against the complete RainKing database to identify additional prospects that you should also be targeting.
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