Wireless Watchdogs doubles the size of closed deals and cuts sales cycle in half

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When Wireless Watchdogs renewed their RainKing agreement early, David Schwartz had his reasons. "We'd closed a good amount of accounts in a short period of time," he says. "And we reduced the sales cycle significantly. RainKing has been a huge help."

Wireless Watchdogs grew from a wireless reseller into a full-service wireless consultancy focused on cutting costs, improving operations and productivity; and improving wireless security. But the growing company faced the challenge of cracking the IT departments at large organizations, reaching the decision makers and, more important, getting them to engage.

"IT is a challenging department," says Schwartz. "It's partly because larger companies have numerous sub-departments within IT. But beyond that, people in IT are extremely busy. They don't want to take a cold call because they get hundreds of them. RainKing has made that a lot less cumbersome."

Before turning to RainKing, Wireless Watchdogs had used Salesgenie. "It didn't always have the right positions or roles in an organization," says Schwartz. "It didn't have contact information; just general mainline contact information. And it definitely didn't have the projects the IT departments were working on, which has been a huge benefit with RainKing."

At the most basic level, says Schwartz, simply having someone's direct contact information is a big help. "It makes the sales process a lot smoother. It allows us to avoid the turf protectors that tend to be involved with people at this level." RainKing's additional background intelligence takes that a step further. "Before we go into a call, we know a little bit about the person – we're able to educate ourselves on who they report to and/or who reports to them… that's a huge help."

Schwartz has used that insight to customize individual emails to target companies. "RainKing's recent webinar on targeted emails led us to try a new approach with individual emails, tailored to the particular opportunity based on where the person comes from, their role, and maybe a project RainKing's alerted us to. We've just begun testing it, and we're getting responses very fast, and some of them are very good."

Schwartz points out that this approach would have been impossible with the sketchy information provided by ordinary lead sources. "It's hard to build rapport when you're going in completely blind, not knowing anything about a person or the company. So being able to say, "Oh you went to Wisconsin, I love the Badgers, or something like that, that's huge."

Secures meetings faster and closes deals with larger companies in half the time

Wireless Watchdogs defines a company's size based on the number of mobile devices used by its workforce. And in the short time that the company has been using RainKing, the size of closed deals has nearly doubled. "We have got entrance into larger accounts much faster than we would have before," says Schwartz. "Anybody can pick up the phone and call and hope for the best, but it can take you a year to get to somebody, or you might never reach them. With RainKing, we've been able to get real people on the phone and get real answers. Even if they're not interested, at least the right person is telling us they're not interested."

The new approach is paying off. "This week alone, we've had three large opportunities come up that all look like they'll be closing – from RainKing."

Using RainKing, Wireless Watchdogs has also cut its sales cycle in half. "The initial meetings are happening in a much faster timeframe than they ever were before," says Schwartz. "Our average sales cycle before RainKing was six months. RainKing's opportunities close in anywhere from two to five months, for an average of about three months."

Regular tips about imminent projects from RainKing's Inside Scoops™ has helped secure those meetings. "We opened a new department in the last year that does mobile security, and
every single day – I'm not exaggerating – I receive an email notification on six to eight leads that are looking for help in the mobile security space or BYOD space. In fact, we've set up a meeting with a Fortune 50 company in the next two weeks, which is the result of a Scoop. They probably have over 100,000 employees. It took less than a month to set up."

Schwartz is quick to share his enthusiasm for RainKing. "For anybody who's used the typical out of the box solutions, the big names out there, I would definitely encourage them to try out RainKing."

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