RainKing supercharges the Proofpoint sales team

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Proofpoint provides security-as-a-service solutions to block spam and viruses, prevent leaks of confidential information, encrypt sensitive data and securely archive email. Since 2002, the company’s proprietary data protection solutions technology has earned an enviable reputation in the enterprise communications security field – Proofpoint was recently recognized by Gartner as a leader in secure email gateways.

But marketing and sales faced the ongoing challenge of getting the message to IT decision makers at larger enterprise firms using traditional targeting methods. The lists they bought rarely contained the contacts Proofpoint was looking for. And, for the very few that did, the data was usually stale by the time it reached the sales team, resulting in countless discouraging cold calls and a high bounceback rate on email marketing campaigns.

“We had tried all kinds of solutions, and we just couldn’t find a tool that delivered,” says Steve Kilian, Senior Marketing Programs Manager. “We wanted something that was always current. We wanted our sales team to feel confident that they wouldn’t be wasting their time – that they’d be contacting the correct person.”

Then Proofpoint discovered RainKing and seized the opportunity to try it out on actual accounts. The response from sales was overwhelming.

“RainKing became really popular really quickly,” says Kilian. “The reps were actually excited by the information and insight they received on key accounts. All of a sudden they could really dive into an account.”

Two years later, RainKing’s ability to quickly get Proofpoint's sales team inside key offices within an organization has ramped up meetings and resulted in numerous sales.
RainKing’s solution lets you customize a suite of powerful tools to penetrate the IT structure at your target companies. A team of smart, experienced research analysts deliver constantly updated and accurate intelligence on the key decision-makers and buyers of technology services and products. The intelligence includes detail around technology decision making process, including who reports to whom and which hardware, software and technology systems individual decision makers manage or control. RainKing even alerts you to specific pain points and planned projects within these firms so you can really personalize your sales pitch.

RainKing has had a measurable impact on Proofpoint's marketing efforts as well. Proofpoint typically targets campaigns to a specific vertical, with an initial nurturing email followed by direct calls. RainKing's software helps Kilian to optimize his efforts by quickly and scientifically prioritizing his prospect list while also suggesting new leads. RainKing's actionable sales intelligence adds a third dimension to ordinary data. This allows Kilian to create a more relevant and compelling marketing messages, crafted specifically for the companies he is targeting. Plus, the company’s business development reps can pull the top leads from RainKing directly into Salesforce.

The team also significantly leverages RainKing’s research team for customized requests. “The ability to get additional intelligence practically on-demand is very important to the sales team. If they’re working a key account, and they need more background or details on decision makers or technology, they can get it almost immediately from RainKing’s researchers.”

Every morning, Kilian turns to his customized Inside Scoops™ which provides him insight on new investment triggers identified by RainKing's research team in the last 24 hours. “It’s really cool that I can customize these alerts within RainKing. That way I know about every lead or alert that is relevant to our prospects and service.”
And Kilian finds RainKing’s customer service remarkable. “I’ve heard rave reviews about quick response time. The RainKing team has been outstanding in terms of answering any questions and training on the fly.”

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