RainKing dramatically accelerates tough, complex enterprise sales for VeriSign

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You might know VeriSign as the authoritative registry for .com and .net (among other top-level and country-code domains) and for its original reputation as an Internet security authentication pioneer.

But in recent years, the company has narrowed its focus and has begun to build its brand as a security company. It's working to aggressively commercialize three security products it has acquired and developed organically from its work with .com and .net.

Internet Defense Network supports companies in their drive to maintain 100 percent uptime for web-based systems and applications by protecting against DDoS attacks. iDefense (security intelligence services) delivers accurate and actionable vulnerability and threat intelligence to support the integrity and continuity of critical IT operations. And VeriSign's Managed DNS helps ensure the availability of websites, e-mail and Web systems while relieving the cost and burden of maintaining DNS infrastructure

But VeriSign is facing off against established companies with substantial market share in security products. At the same time, managed DNS has become an inexpensive commodity, and VeriSign faces the challenge of demonstrating the need for its much higher value product.

In some ways, it's like being a start-up all over again, and the push is on to wrest away some of that market share and acquire major enterprise accounts. VeriSign needed a secret weapon.

Very early on, RainKing became a sales mainstay. "Everyone is using it," says Channing Van Horn, Account Manager. "From VPs down to sales reps, everyone loves it."

"RainKing is an integral part of the success of our sales team," says Adam Carajabal, Global Account Executive. "It helps us get to decision makers more quickly. The intelligence is relevant. And we can customize features to get alerts and scoops on relevant projects and management changes. We use about five or six different sales tools, but RainKing is by far the most used and most recommended from management's standpoint."

At an enterprise level, Van Horn says that RainKing helps leverage high end deals. "For example, someone like our CTO will have access, and will identify opportunities with RainKing. Then he'll have me create a strategy to approach the prospect."

RainKing breaks down doors to launch sales cycle faster

As Senior Business Development Manager, Michael Merenstein focuses on very large enterprise accounts. The payoff from a signed deal is substantial, but the sales cycle is invariably long and grueling. "It's one of the hardest sales ever," says Merenstein. "DNS is not sexy – until you have a DNS outage, and then you need us. And DDoS mitigation services and cyber intelligence are only important to companies if they're on their disaster recovery roadmap, or if they're under attack. It can be like selling car insurance in a state where its not mandatory."

But RainKing advances the sale considerably in the early stages, says Merenstein. "It's really half the battle. RainKing breaks down the doors and gets me inside. Without sounding like I'm jumping on a RainKing commercial, there's just not a better sales tool. Why even go anywhere else?"

RainKing alerts Merenstein to imminent projects and pain points that need to be addressed at accounts in his space. And it tells him exactly who to talk to. "It's essentially handing me a hot, live lead. It's the best lead generation tool I've ever used," he says. "When I'm talking to customers I know exactly what's on their mind. They know I have a vested interest because I've done my research and I have a bit of an understanding of their business model. And the contact information is second to none. I call it bulletproof."

Merenstein's first stop every morning is to check his daily Inside Scoops™ email, which is customized to show him projects and developments at accounts he can quickly make his own. Then throughout the day, it's a constant resource for insight into these accounts. "I live in RainKing," he says with a laugh.

Armed with sales intelligence and contact information, he calls into accounts confident he can speak to their needs from an educated level. "At that point," he says, "you guys have done your job. Now it's up to me to do mine – to actually sell them the product. With RainKing's tools, if you can't do that, then you need to question whether you should even be in this business."

Van Horn says that every VeriSign sales rep also gets an opportunity to employ RainKing. "Whenever we get a new sales rep on board, we make sure they get access to RainKing, and ask them to leverage their colleagues and their managers to understand how to use it," says Van Horn. "We impress upon them the importance of customizing RainKing to suit their needs. If their focus before coming to VeriSign was selling into healthcare, then we encourage them to customize the software to identify new opportunities that they don't already have in their Rolodex. The success rate has been impressive."

But beyond the clear ROI, says Van Horn, RainKing has backed up VeriSign's efforts every step of the way. "The software itself is fantastic, but to have that personal support makes it even better. Everyone at RainKing is very easy to get along with and fun to work with. Whenever we've had questions, the feedback would answer the questions and also let us know that they really care about what we're trying to do as a business."

"We look at our vendors as partners in growing our business, and RainKing has been there almost since Day One."

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