Fiberlink uses RainKing to drive enterprise sales

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With the broad focus of many marketing campaigns, enterprise teams can't always rely on marketing for a consistent supply of leads. Salespeople need to find other sources of intelligence on their named accounts. But where?

Neil Florio, VP Marketing at Fiberlink, had used RainKing at his previous firm, so he knew Fiberlink's named account team could use it to get deeper levels of intelligence than were available from tools such as Hoovers.

"In the mobile IT market, things move very fast," says Florio. "So being able to respond quickly makes a big difference. RainKing enables us to significantly cut down the time it takes to gather granular level account information and technologies, which allows sales to be more efficient in their activities."

RainKing becomes Fiberlink's primary marketing and sales tool

With RainKing, Fiberlink regularly received accurate leads, hot intelligence on imminent projects, and valuable context to make meetings more productive.

But it wasn't long before what began as a tool meant exclusively for Fiberlink's enterprise sales team became the company's primary prospecting, marketing and sales tool.

"In the first year, the enterprise sales team grew into using RainKing to run their whole business," says Florio. "It's how they drive all their campaigns, how they do their prospecting, and how they build up their account intelligence. But RainKing offers even more."

He explains some of the uses. For marketing, he develops campaigns targeting companies that use specific technologies that Fiberlink's MaaS360 product complements. This information is usually difficult to find without hours spent on your own research. But now, the Fiberlink marketing team can quickly craft highly targeted campaigns around individual technologies. "It's so easy to go into RainKing and say, give me all the companies using a specific technology, give me the right contacts, and let's run a marketing campaign," he says.

This year, Fiberlink expanded its use of RainKing. Now, the inside sales team has access to RainKing's mid-market database and an education vertical. Using RainKing's Prediction Engine and daily Inside Scoops, they've been able to consistently generate meetings and close a number of deals. "It's very powerful to be able to see those projects, those management changes, and those pain points at likely buyers based on keywords that matter to us – like mobile security, BYOD," says Florio. "Then we can seize those opportunities."

And the enterprise team continues to use RainKing to drive its business. "Marketing's campaigns are broader, so it doesn't do a lot for the named accounts team," says Florio. "So we give them RainKing. These folks rely on it every day. This is the main tool they use for their territory plans and their account plans."

New deals resulting from RainKing achieve ROI in no time

"In the short time we've been using RainKing, it has helped us generate six new opportunities at marquee enterprise accounts," says Florio. "The return on investment has already been achieved with these deals alone."

How important is RainKing to Fiberlink's sales teams? "There's something I like to do," says Florio with a chuckle. "I like to see their reaction if they think they're going to lose a powerful tool. We almost let RainKing expire, and the reps started to get these notices. When those first started to pop up, I got immediate emails from the account reps saying, I hope you're going to renew; we really need it!"

Florio also swears by RainKing's support and research on demand. "Whenever we have a support question, our RainKing rep is back to us right away; he's always available; we love that. And we love the fact that your analysts can do the legwork for us. There have been many times when our reps have needed to get into an account and need a new contact; they love that RainKing's team can find the information for them."

Florio has worked with RainKing for more than three years now, so he can attest to the ongoing development of the platform. "RainKing's always adding new features and improving existing ones. It just keeps getting better."

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