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Use the richest, most up-to-date sales intelligence platform in the industry to identify companies that have current and upcoming initiatives that could utilize your recruiting and staffing services. Identify strong prospects before competing agencies, access valuable insight about upcoming projects and hiring needs, and connect with the hiring manager directly. Close more business.

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User Error! Employee Carelessness the Top Cyber Threat?

  • Surveys
  • Research
  • Analytics

2017 is shaping up to be the year of the cyberattack. The first half of the year has already seen the world baited with a…

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Federal vs. State Tech Spending Trends RainKing Placeholder Image

Federal vs. State Tech Spending Trends

  • Blog
  • IT Sales
  • IT Marketing

While government IT often has a reputation of lagging behind the times and spending valuable budget dollars on maintaining old legacy systems, the new administration…

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Federal Government Spending Outlook: Anybody’s Guess RainKing Placeholder Image

Federal Government Spending Outlook: Anybody’s Guess

  • Blog
  • IT Sales

Will the federal budget achieve consensus before the deadline on September 30? Nobody knows. Even though one party holds all three branches of government, which…

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Intelligence is to Sales as Google is to Web Sites...

  • Business Intelligence
  • Analytics
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Omnibound

I love analogies. Analogies help people understand complex ideas, especially ones where they have low familiarity. Marketing and sales intelligence is a concept that could…

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What our clients say

Rainking provides the sales intelligence that we needed to jump start our business development efforts. The setup and training were excellent and the system is easy to navigate and we have 100% adoption from our sales staff. The org charts, scoops, direct dial, and emails have allowed our sales team to sell vs. spending way too much time researching. I would highly recommend as the ROI is only a few new client successes away."

Todd D. Mairn

Executive Vice President

OtterBase, Inc.

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RainKing keeps me on top of my territory with up-to-the-minute updates on management changes within our prospect and customer bases – which, needless to say, is extremely valuable information."

Steve Marx

Regional Sales Manager


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RainKing is an integral part of the success of our sales team. It helps us get to decision makers more quickly. The intelligence is relevant. And we can customize features to get alerts and scoops on relevant projects and management changes."

Michael Merenstein

Senior Business Development Manager


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How RainKing makes a difference

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Palamida's enterprise sales team leverages insight on decision maker hierarchy and management changes

  • Case Study
  • IT Sales

When a decision maker moves out of the chain or a new technical evaluator steps in, your carefully built pipeline can begin to fragment....

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Verisign Case Study Image | RainKing RainKing Placeholder Image

RainKing dramatically accelerates tough, complex enterprise sales for VeriSign

  • Case Study
  • IT Sales

You might know VeriSign as the authoritative registry for .com and .net (among other top-level and country-code domains) and for its original reputation as...

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Riverbed Case Study Image | RainKing RainKing Placeholder Image

Riverbed Technology quickly penetrates key Fortune 2000 accounts with RainKing

  • Case Study
  • IT Sales

“How do we penetrate companies in the Fortune 2000? Who are the decision makers that matter to us? Where are the planned and current...

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Access Data Case Study Photo RainKing Placeholder Image

Access Data discovers new approach to penetrating major accounts

  • Case Study
  • IT Sales

When Trey Tramonte first saw that RainKing could give his people a new way to penetrate major organizations, he simply had to try it....

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Keep your pipeline full of new leads. RainKing surfaces your most likely customers and alerts you to sales opportunities before they are visible to your competition. Leverage our in-depth sales intelligence to build relationships directly with hiring managers so you can close more business, faster.

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