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Identify the stakeholders at a company that would purchase your product or solution. Then ensure your marketing is timely and relevant by leveraging insights into their strategic initiatives, pain points, budgets and associated timelines. Convert them to qualified leads.

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User Error! Employee Carelessness the Top Cyber Threat?

  • Surveys
  • Research
  • Analytics

2017 is shaping up to be the year of the cyberattack. The first half of the year has already seen the world baited with a…

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Federal vs. State Tech Spending Trends RainKing Placeholder Image

Federal vs. State Tech Spending Trends

  • Blog
  • IT Sales
  • IT Marketing

While government IT often has a reputation of lagging behind the times and spending valuable budget dollars on maintaining old legacy systems, the new administration…

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Federal Government Spending Outlook: Anybody’s Guess RainKing Placeholder Image

Federal Government Spending Outlook: Anybody’s Guess

  • Blog
  • IT Sales

Will the federal budget achieve consensus before the deadline on September 30? Nobody knows. Even though one party holds all three branches of government, which…

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Intelligence is to Sales as Google is to Web Sites...

  • Business Intelligence
  • Analytics
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Omnibound

I love analogies. Analogies help people understand complex ideas, especially ones where they have low familiarity. Marketing and sales intelligence is a concept that could…

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What our clients say

With RainKing, we’re more targeted in our email subject lines, we’re seeing higher open rates, and we’re getting more responses."

Bojana Bowermon

Director of Inside Sales


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With RainKing, all the profiling is much more sophisticated than anything else, and it allows our marketing to be much more targeted."

Christina Foley

Director, of Corporate Sales

FireEye, Inc.

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Whenever we have marketing events, I leverage [RainKing] to the hilt. It gives me access to the right people, and allows me to build relationships them. That gives me a higher probability of success."

Jeff Jamieson

Co-Founder and VP of Sales and Marketing

Whitlock Infrastructure Solutions

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How RainKing makes a difference

Whitlock Case Study Image | RainKing RainKing Placeholder Image

Whitlock Infrastructure Solutions increases ROI from customer events

  • Case Study
  • IT Marketing

Whitlock, which helps large organizations improve IT operational efficiency by deploying customized software from Hewlett-Packard and other partners, is a lean, efficient operation. Jamieson...

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ScienceLogic Case Study Image | RainKing RainKing Placeholder Image

RainKing helps ScienceLogic make inroads into "Big Four" territory

  • Case Study
  • Executives
  • IT Marketing

ScienceLogic has a compelling sales story. With a combined 45 years of experience in IT management, the company’s founders had become frustrated with traditional...

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FireEye Case Study Photo RainKing Placeholder Image

FireEye uses sophisticated profiling and inside intelligence to power sales efforts

  • Case Study
  • IT Marketing

“I’ve made RainKing a huge priority for my team,” says Christina Foley, Director of Corporate Sales for FireEye, Inc. “In fact, two days ago,...

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EarthLink Case Study Image RainKing Placeholder Image

EarthLink Business slashes wasted calls with intelligence on new opportunities

  • Case Study
  • IT Marketing

EarthLink Business has moved far beyond its traditional telecom roots to provide IT centric solutions, including MPLS, network management, voice and data solutions, and...

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