One solution to overcome sales and marketing's biggest growth challenges

RainKing's solution was developed with the modern sales and marketing teams in mind. By drawing information and feedback directly from marketing and sales leaders, we gain invaluable insight into their pain points and challenges. Whether it's lead generation, account-based marketing, predictive analytics, or data accuracy, RainKing's platform offers the tools you need to be more impactful, more efficient, and ultimately more successful.

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Sales Professionals

Keep a full pipeline

Identify quality leads in seconds and connect directly with decision-makers and budget holders so you can get to "yes" faster. Leverage detailed intelligence on the companies and people you are targeting to better understand who they are, what they care about, and when they will be ready to engage with you.

Marketing Professionals

Expand your reach

Enhance the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Expand your reach by identifying all the decision-makers, users, and budget holders that influence investment decisions within a company. Ensure your contact information is accurate and remains up-to-date. Leverage detailed intelligence about the companies and people that you are targeting to more successfully engage, connect, and win over your most likely buyers.


Drive greater profitability with better data

Increase efficiency across your organization and drive measurable growth. RainKing empowers sales and marketing teams to fill the pipeline with likely buyers and effectively move leads through the funnel, maximizing revenue and ROI.

Recruiting/Staffing Professionals

Grow your network

Easily search RainKing’s vast database of over 1 million contacts for decision makers that have the budget and hiring authority. Gain valuable insight into what they care about so you can cultivate meaningful relationships. Leverage hiring signals surfaced by our researchers, such as new funding or project announcements, to anticipate upcoming staffing needs and time your engagements precisely.

Working smarter

Read our latest blog posts and industry news.

RK_Oct_Blog1_960x540.jpg RainKing Placeholder Image

User Error! Employee Carelessness the Top Cyber Threat?

7.24.2017 |
  • Surveys
  • Research
  • Analytics
2017 is shaping up to be the year of the cyberattack. The first half of the year has already seen the world baited with a… Read More »
Federal vs. State Tech Spending Trends RainKing Placeholder Image

Federal vs. State Tech Spending Trends

7.24.2017 |
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  • IT Marketing
While government IT often has a reputation of lagging behind the times and spending valuable budget dollars on maintaining old legacy systems, the new administration… Read More »
Federal Government Spending Outlook: Anybody’s Guess RainKing Placeholder Image

Federal Government Spending Outlook: Anybody’s Guess

7.17.2017 |
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  • IT Sales
Will the federal budget achieve consensus before the deadline on September 30? Nobody knows. Even though one party holds all three branches of government, which… Read More »
macbook-606763_1280.jpg RainKing Placeholder Image

Intelligence is to Sales as Google is to Web Sites...

7.13.2017 |
  • Business Intelligence
  • Analytics
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Omnibound
I love analogies. Analogies help people understand complex ideas, especially ones where they have low familiarity. Marketing and sales intelligence is a concept that could… Read More »
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