Increase sales and marketing ROI with actionable data

Marketing and sales teams are under increasing pressure to get more done, faster, with less budget. There is no room for missed opportunities or time spent chasing bad leads. RainKing's solution not only has the analytical horsepower to quickly surface those opportunities, but it goes one step further to evaluate their level of buying intent and which decision makers and influencers within the company need to be a part of your sales process. Learn more about how our targeting and ranking features help sales and marketing teams work faster and smarter to drive measurable, profitable growth.

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Surface and rank your most likely buyers

Leverage filters built around keywords, technologies-in-use, revenue band, budget size, industry type, and more to create your ideal buyer persona. Our powerful software will use this profile to surface your top accounts and rank the contacts at those companies so you know exactly who to reach out to. With the power of RainKing's predictive analytics, your sales and marketing teams will be jointly focused on your ideal prospects and know exactly what to say and when to say it to achieve profitable growth.

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Make your data work harder for you

To ensure you avoid wasting time working with incomplete or inaccurate data, our software quickly assesses the quality and value of your existing prospect lists as well as leads gathered from inbound marketing efforts and events. By comparing these leads to your ideal buyer persona, RainKing will refine, enhance and prioritize in terms of likeliness to buy so you can focus on only those who are worth your time. RainKing will also surface additional prospects in that database who you should target to maximize your follow up efforts.

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