Lead Generation: Generate qualified leads in seconds

No more mass emailing to tens of thousands of low quality email addresses and hoping your general messaging resonates with a relevant few. Instead, use RainKing to generate a more targeted list of companies who need your product or service and reach out directly to the decision makers who have the power to influence technology investments.

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Taking the guesswork out of prospecting

Think about your top clients - what do they have in common? Enterprise or mid-size business? Are they in a certain industry? What technologies do they use? Build your ideal buyer persona in RainKing and let our software analyze and surface quality prospects, ranked by their likeliness to buy. No more wasting time with lower-level gatekeepers or individual contributors. RainKing effectively shortens your sales cycle by showing you who to target and when. It's quality lead generation made easy.

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Find the decision makers and influencers who matter

While tradeshows and conferences can introduce you to potential prospects, more often than not, the person with whom you trade business cards is not who you want to be selling to. Enter RainKing. Simply load a list of new contacts into the platform and our proprietary technology will identify those who actually have the power to influence investment decisions, along with additional people at the same company you should be connecting with to get to "yes" faster.

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Make it personal

When you speak to a CEO, CTO, Director of Marketing, VP of Sales, or Product Manager, is your conversation the exact same for each? Probably not, because we know they all have different pain points, priorities, needs and goals. Keeping these differences top of mind while marketing to your prospects is key to success and RainKing makes it easy to increase the personalization of marketing efforts. By using RainKing investment signals you can pinpoint exactly what will resonate with each of your prospects and craft messaging that is more likely to start a meaningful dialogue - account-based marketing at its finest, made easy.

More strategic event planning, more successful events

A lot of time, effort, and budget goes into planning and executing in-person events – so you need to get the most out of your investment. RainKing's intelligence surfaces all the relevant decision makers at the companies you're targeting so you know exactly who to invite. Our mapping technology creates a heat-indexed map reflecting the locations of your prospects and customers to help you to choose the best location for your event. By optimizing attendance and connecting face-to-face with those responsible for investment decisions, you will drive more ROI. Plus, sales professionals can use the mapping technology to get the most out of business travel, increasing productivity and efficiency while on the road. By understanding where top prospects are relative to where you are traveling, you can maximize the opportunity to build relationships in-person.

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