Data Quality & Management: Is your data costing you money?

You need quality data that is accurate, reliable, and actionable so you can concentrate on closing deals. RainKing can help—as evidenced by the thousands of successful sales and marketing professionals who rely on it every day.

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Your CRM and MAP are only as good as the information in it and when 30% of it goes bad every year, you could be losing time and revenue. If companies don’t refresh their data on a regular basis it can quickly become stale, filled with incorrect email addresses, old phone numbers, contacts no longer with the organization, etc. This leads to high email bounce rates, low deliverability, inaccurate messaging, wasted calls, and missed opportunities.

Sales and Marketing Teams use RainKing to:

  • Clean, match, append current contact and lists
  • Automatically update CRM/MAP data every 30-60 days
  • Connect directly with decision makers
  • Surface actionable insights about prospects
  • Find likely buyers not currently on your radar
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Increase delivery and engagement rates
  • Decrease bounce rates
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All the information you need

RainKing’s company and decision maker profiles include:
  • General company overview
  • Org charts
  • Company financial information
  • Decision makers
  • Direct dials and emails
  • Technology managers
  • Current technology installs
  • Technology budget
  • Upcoming projects
  • Pain points
  • Contract expirations
  • ...and more

Check out our detailed profiles for yourself.


In multiple surveys conducted by RainKing Analytics, data inaccuracy is the most common pain reported among Marketing decision makers and the problem only continues to grow. Don’t let bad data ruin your efficiency, productivity, and growth. RainKing will continuously clean and enhance your current data, surface additional leads, and enrich your records. Not to mention, our best-in-class researchers are refreshing data and adding new profiles every day at no extra cost to you. Keep your database in order and moving forward with the best sales and marketing intelligence solution out there!

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