Competitive Intelligence: Beating the competition has never been easier

RainKing sales and marketing intelligence tells you who to call, when to reach out, and what to say. Our actionable investment signals help alert you to pains and potential spending intent, which can place you at the negotiating table before the competition even knows an opportunity is there.

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Keep an eye on the competition

RainKing profiles over 24,000 technologies and the companies using them. You can easily keep an eye on competitive installs and use our investment signals to see when contracts are expiring—giving you time to contact the decision makers and influencers, build rapport, nurture the relationship, and potentially earn their business.

An effective takeaway

Taking it one step further, our investment signals can also be used to identify pain points in companies where a competitor is being used. Is a prospect indicating a pain that your product can solve? Maybe your competitor’s solution is falling short. This gives you the opportunity to proactively target those decision makers and budget holders with customized messaging around how your solution can help.

Check it out for yourself:

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Embrace your differences

Is there something that makes you different or better than your competition? Craft content or messaging around your superior features, offerings, customer service, etc. and target the influencers where your competition is installed. It may just be enough to merit a call or even a switch.

Get there first

Timeliness is a key factor in winning deals. RainKing’s investment signals detail your prospect’s pain points, budget changes, new funding, upcoming projects, changes in management, and more, giving insight into the kind of messaging you need to craft, the decision makers you need to have on board, and when to reach out to them. Use this forward-looking information to beat your competition to the table and close the deal.

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