Turning quality data into powerful intelligence

In today’s digital world, there are hundreds of services that will sell you lead lists or basic 411 info on potential prospects, but static, often siloed, data is simply not enough to succeed in today's demanding sales and marketing environment. Enter intelligence. Intelligence is the who, what, why, and when behind each sales opportunity that surfaces from analyzing thousands of data points. Generate more quality leads and push them through the funnel faster with RainKing.

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Understand your prospect's intent to buy

RainKing's researchers are constantly interviewing technology decision makers and surveying the market to uncover investment signals that indicate when a prospect may be entering the buying process. By giving you the "scoop" on things like new strategic initiatives, articulated pain points, and upcoming contract expirations, investment signals give you the power to make a warmer call, customize your messaging, beat your competitors to the table, and know exactly what to say when you get there.

Let us transform your current data into intelligence

Enhance your existing prospect or greenfield data with our research-backed intelligence. Our platform can clean and append your data with the click of a button, saving hours of data cleansing and frustration. With clean, reliable data, your ABM strategy becomes effortless and more refined, sales communications become more personalized, and email deliverability rates increase while bounced emails become virtually non-existent. The tool will also sort and rank your contacts based on likeliness to buy, providing a clean set of promising targets to market and sell to -- and arming you with detailed knowledge about their business needs for a more impactful first impression.

Get more out of in-person events

In-person events, tradeshows, and sponsorships eat up a large part of sales and marketing budgets and take a lot of time to plan so it becomes critical to ensure attendance is maximized and the outcome is tangible. Where should you hold the event? Which high-value prospects should you invite? By producing a heat-indexed map reflecting where your most likely buyers and high value customers are located, RainKing checks these items off your "to-do" list.

Here's how:

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