ABM & ABS: Identify your likeliest buyers. Customize messaging that resonates. Close more deals.

Are you actively conducting account-based marketing or account-based sales? Or are you interested in adopting ABM/ABS? RainKing sales and marketing intelligence provides the quality data, actionable insights, and helpful tools needed to successfully implement account-based marketing and account-based sales.

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Accurate data

ABM/ABS will only work if you have accurate data in your CRM and MAP. Unfortunately, about 30% of CRM data goes bad every year. This leads to inefficiency and wasted time. RainKing integrates seamlessly with your CRM and MAP, then cleans and appends your current contacts, and even suggests additional contacts you should be talking to. RainKing data is refreshed every 30-60 days, pushing updates as they’re completed, so you always have the most accurate data available.

Identify who to talk to

Instead of mass emailing or making hundreds of phone calls, the key to ABM/ABS lies in finding that needle in the haystack. Who are your likeliest buyers? RainKing’s proprietary ranking tool will surface and rank your prospects based on your ideal buyer persona. Company profiles include org charts and person profiles have direct dials and email addresses so you can pinpoint the decision makers and influencers. No more wasting time talking to gatekeepers or calling up the chain. Once you know who you need to talk to, you can start customizing the messaging.

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Customize your messaging

You speak to executives differently than you speak to managers. Prospects have different pain points, budgets, and initiatives. So, why hit them all with the same canned messaging or talk track? When ABM/ABS is implemented, each account receives custom messaging. RainKing provides over 1,500 Scoops—actionable insights—every day, detailing pain-points, upcoming projects, spending initiatives, expiring contracts, and more. You know who to speak to, when to reach out to them, and what to say when you do. Timely, relevant messaging helps you get your foot in the door, opening up the opportunity to do what you do best: close the deal.

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