How simple data becomes powerful sales intelligence

The key is highly specialized, knowledgeable researchers; a dedication to quality control and fact-checking; a powerful algorithm that filters and ranks prospects based on user-defined criteria; and a customizable platform that can deliver the tools you need to overcome your biggest growth challenges

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Unmatched depth of intelligence

RainKing's research team does more than aggregate data points. By directly interviewing IT decision makers and leaders about their strategic initiatives and pain points, our researchers add an unmatched level of insight and depth to the data. In turn, we help these stakeholders find the products and solutions they need while giving you the opportunity to be their chosen provider.
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Fastest refresh in the industry

Every piece of data in the RainKing database has been verified by our skilled researchers within the past 60 days. No other provider updates as frequently.

Customized Solutions for Sales and Marketing

RainKing enables you to foster and strengthen sales and marketing alignment. By jointly focusing on prospects most likely to invest in your solution and coordinating strategy throughout the funnel, RainKing's customizable platform will increase the impact of your efforts. Plus, access to role-based workflows allow both teams to easily leverage RainKing's actionable insights and intelligence to meet their needs.

Best­-in-­class research team

Our research is conducted by a team of technology and research specialists based in Bethesda, Maryland. Our growing team of dedicated researchers can quickly fulfill requests for deeper intelligence. This research-on-demand service provides game-changing information about the organizations and people our customers are targeting, the moment we discover it.
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