How simple data becomes powerful sales intelligence

The key is highly specialized, knowledgeable researchers; a dedication to quality control and fact-checking; a powerful algorithm that filters and ranks prospects based on user-defined criteria; and a customizable platform that can deliver the specific insights you need to close the deal.

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Unmatched depth of intelligence

RainKing's research team does more than aggregate data points. By directly interviewing IT decision makers and leaders about their strategic initiatives and pain points, our researchers add an unmatched level of insight and depth to the data. In turn, we help these stakeholders find the products and solutions they need while giving you the opportunity to be their chosen provider.
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Fastest refresh in the industry

Every piece of data in the RainKing database has been verified by our skilled researchers within the past 60 days. No other provider updates as frequently.
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Highly customized intelligence

RainKing enables you to more efficiently manage your sales process—think of us as your virtual sales assistants. Our platform helps you identify brand new prospects that fit your ideal buyer profile. You can centrally manage your most likely prospects and keep track of your conversations. RainKing even surfaces all your prospects within a specific geographic radius to strengthen in-person marketing efforts.
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Best­-in-­class research team

Our research is conducted by an extensive team of global IT specialists, so we can quickly fulfill requests for deeper intelligence. This research-on-demand service provide's game-changing information about the organizations and people our customers are targeting, the moment we discover it.
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