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Over 1 million decision makers and budget holders across organizations, from IT and marketing departments to human resources, staffing, finance, and more. Over 60,000 organizations across the globe that are actively investing in new technology solutions. Profiles and contact data that are continuously enhanced and re-verified every 60 days. Plus, a team of highly specialized researchers based in Bethesda, Maryland, who gather, verify and deliver actionable investment signals, all in a SaaS platform that lets you filter and rank based on your needs. In other words, RainKing is far more than leads and contact information. It’s intelligence that fuels your sales and marketing teams to achieve sustainable growth.

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Get your data to work harder

RainKing amplifies the power of your data while saving you time by seamlessly integrating with your CRM and marketing automation platforms. Verify your contact information against our database, prioritize your current leads with our proprietary ranking tool, and uncover new prospects that match your buyer personas.

Research that gives you an edge

Our industry-leading research team does far more than data collection and aggregation. We provide valuable insights needed to grow your market share. RainKing researchers maintain direct relationships with thousands of sales and marketing decision makers, allowing them to uncover pain points and opportunities that may not be available to other intelligence providers. By continuously tracking buyer intent, our researchers then surface actionable technology investment signals so you know when a potential sales opportunity is on the horizon.

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RainKing at work

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Q1 Labs earns unprecedented return on RainKing investment. "It would be crazy not to renew," says Worldwide Director of Digital Sales.

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Palamida's enterprise sales team leverages insight on decision maker hierarchy and management changes

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When a decision maker moves out of the chain or a new technical evaluator steps in, your carefully built pipeline can begin to fragment.... Read More »
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RainKing supercharges the Proofpoint sales team

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Proofpoint provides security-as-a-service solutions to block spam and viruses, prevent leaks of confidential information, encrypt sensitive data and securely archive email. Since 2002, the... Read More »
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Whitlock Infrastructure Solutions increases ROI from customer events

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Whitlock, which helps large organizations improve IT operational efficiency by deploying customized software from Hewlett-Packard and other partners, is a lean, efficient operation. Jamieson... Read More »
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