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Customized, actionable intelligence – daily

Every day, RainKing publishes over 1,500 actionable IT investment signals called Inside Scoops™. Our research team is constantly interviewing IT decision makers to identify and verify actionable sales intelligence about strategic initiatives, pain points, and planned investments. Inside Scoops give you the power to beat your competitors to the table, and know exactly what to say when you get there. Inside Scoops are featured on your dashboard, but we also send them via email so you don’t miss an opportunity if you’re not logged in. Set your preferences to receive only the most important IT investment signals in your inbox daily.

Enhance your current data with fresh, reliable sales intelligence

Compare your existing prospect or greenfield data against our hand-curated sales intelligence. Our SmartLists tool cleans and appends your data with the click of a button, saving you hours of research and data-mining. The tool then sorts and ranks your data based on likeliness to buy your product or solution, providing you a clean set of promising targets to market and sell to.
SmartLists Example Image | RainKing

Pinpoint prospects with SmartMaps

Whether you’re planning a customer event or scheduling a face-to- face meeting, SmartMaps helps you identify the right location based on where your prospects are concentrated. This feature creates a “heat-indexed” overview of precisely where you should focus your efforts for the best sales and marketing opportunities. Save travel time, maximize event attendance, and allocate your sales resources more efficiently.
SmartMaps Example With Radius Bubble Image | RainKing
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