Best Practices for the RainKing User

10.5.2016 |
  • Client Webinars
  • Events
| by Molly Nelson

If you’re striving to be an efficient RainKing Power User, then this webinar is for you! Our RainKing pros will provide best practices across the platform that you can apply to your every-day workflows. Save time, improve efficiency, and focus on what really matters – your sales and marketing efforts!

After this session, you will:

  • Leverage role-based workflows more efficiently and effectively
  • Have a deeper understanding of where to find the intelligence and data points you’re looking for so you can craft relevant, targeted messages
  • Learn how to create a territory for optimal sales efficiency
  • Import a named account list to clean, enhance, and/or rank your prospects…
  • PLUS, identify new prospects you should reach out to – great for improving event/webinar lists, tradeshow lists, etc.

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