Riverbed Technology quickly penetrates key Fortune 2000 accounts with RainKing

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"How do we penetrate companies in the Fortune 2000? Who are the decision makers that matter to us? Where are the planned and current projects related to wide area network optimization?" Riverbed Technology's Chad Burmeister knew that if he could quickly answer those questions, he had the key to a profitable sales cycle.

As the Senior Manager, Inside Sales, Burmeister leads a team tasked with selling Riverbed's IT infrastructure optimization tools into major accounts. It's one thing to know who the prime target companies are. But to quickly gain traction, it's essential to connect with specific decision makers who are actually in charge of applications and projects relevant to your product. For this challenge, Burmeister turned to RainKing in the Fall of 2008.

"RainKing has definitely gotten us into some very large, noteworthy organizations," says Burmeister. In a brief period of time using RainKing, his team has been able to successfully penetrate a number of accounts and has completed at least two major transactions as a direct result. "If you think about the Fortune 2000," says Burmeister, "closing two deals in a relatively short amount of time is a fantastic return on investment."

RainKing's granularity of information and intelligence has led to "a lot of penetration and pipeline in a short period of time," he says. "That level of detailed information is really the golden nugget and true value add for us with RainKing."

"It also turns hypothetical questions into opportunities," says Riverbed's VP Corporate Sales, MJ Shutte. She recalls a sales managers meeting in which someone suggested it would be nice to know which companies were using certain visibility tools. With RainKing, that idea became more than mere speculation; they had the answer in seconds.

"Instead of wishing we had all this other information on companies that use certain tools, we can pull them up in real time," says Shutte. "That is super beneficial."

Prediction Engine ranks key targets by name

RainKing's web-based service puts clients in charge of a suite of powerful tools to penetrate the IT structure at top corporations. Based on constantly updated intelligence by a team of smart, well-trained research analysts, RainKing delivers precise and accurate contact data and intelligence on the key managers and buyers of technology services and products – and maps out the technology decision making process, including who reports to whom, and which hardware, software and technology systems individual decision makers manage or control.

Burmeister swears by RainKing's Prediction Engine, a proprietary RainKing application built around a powerful algorithm. By selecting custom and weighted criteria, including such elements as competing firms, relevant technologies, and important keywords, you receive a scientifically ranked plan of attack that allows your salespeople to hit top-priority targets first.

Instant penetration and traction

During an initial 30-day period, one rep quickly became a power user and generated a number of meetings, says Burmeister. "We'd get access to a handful of companies, and he'd go in and get the intelligence and make the calls, and the next day, he'd be back at RainKing saying, 'Give me the next batch.' Before we'd even finished our trial, he'd already hit the majority of his accounts and was able to show penetration and traction, and meetings with the regional sales managers."

On the business development side, Penny Clark's team has just begun to use RainKing, but they're already seeing solid results as they target accounts over $1.6 billion in revenue. "My number one producer has 13 meetings in two weeks from RainKing," says Clark, Manager Business Development, Americas. "My team is really excited about it."

Client service also stands out at RainKing, says Burmeister. "When customizing our prediction engine, the CEO of RainKing actually joined the call with the client services manager. We went through and built our engine, and it was great to have that level of hand-holding."

Burmeister is quick to recommend RainKing to other companies. "I feel like it's a product I can stand behind, because RainKing proves ROI," he says. "To me, it's such a cool product. Put it in your environment before you buy it, make sure your power users use the tool, and in 30 days if you don't add some deals to your pipeline, I would be highly surprised."

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