RainKing helps ScienceLogic make inroads into "Big Four" territory

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ScienceLogic has a compelling sales story. With a combined 45 years of experience in IT management, the company’s founders had become frustrated with traditional IT operations management systems that were costly, complicated and never delivered on the promised value. This frustration included the drawbacks of trying to cobble together multiple management solutions or getting one of the Big Four management frameworks (IBM, HP, CA Technologies, and BMC) to work in a complex IT environment. To solve this, the company developed an integrated IT operations and dynamic cloud management system that incorporates all the major IT functions in one platform. This makes IT departments better able to deliver and maintain optimal service performance to end users, improve IT operational efficiency, and rapidly provision and manage new technologies.

But the relatively new company faced the challenge of getting that story out to decision makers at mid-market enterprise firms. ScienceLogic didn't have the name recognition of the Big Four systems management vendors. And with complex systems already entrenched in many organizations, they needed to overcome the inertia that can set in.

"Large enterprises have invested millions of dollars in these large-scale implementations," says Bojana Bowermon, Director of Inside Sales at ScienceLogic. "We offer a new approach to our customer prospects. We can help them simplify IT, save time and money, and be more agile. We provide a compelling ROI. But getting to that message in 20 seconds is very tough."

Two recent developments are helping ScienceLogic overcome that challenge. Last year, a major injection of venture capital into the company allowed ScienceLogic to build an inside sales team. The company also decided to invest in RainKing as a sales intelligence tool.

Bowermon, who had successfully used RainKing to penetrate Fortune 100 companies at her previous firm, lobbied to bring it on board at ScienceLogic. Now her team is armed with analytics, inside intelligence and strategic context – so they can prioritize, identify, and go after opportunities more quickly and intelligently.

As she expected, RainKing has already paid off, helping her team successfully generate more meetings for the field sales reps, dramatically improving email campaign response rates, and regularly alerting her team to new opportunities while providing the insight to seize them. "RainKing is our lifeline," says Bowermon. "We really can't succeed without it."

RainKing gives Bowermon inside knowledge on imminent projects at target companies, as well as what tools they're currently using. "When you're focusing on people who already have management tools, then you have to understand exactly what projects they have going on," she says. "That way you can directly link your value proposition to them."

Bowermon starts each morning with her daily, customized Inside Scoops™ on hot sales opportunities based on new projects and management changes. "Being able to customize your alerts by territory is a tremendous advantage," she says. "Every day, I get new reasons to contact people in my territory. For example, I read in an Inside Scoop that the manager of IT databases at a major prospect was involved with the company's server virtualization efforts. I immediately sent him an email specifically about virtualization, and, of course, he opened it. I also use RainKing to quickly find anybody else within the same company who might be involved in the IT investment process or has responded to any of our previous marketing campaigns and events."

Bowermon never starts a day without also reviewing her customized RainKing Heat Map™, a straightforward visual representation of IT spending plans and priorities among companies within her territory. Based on the assessment of more than 50 dedicated, professional RainKing research analysts, the Heat Map ranks potential opportunities on a scale of 1 to 5 in six key technology areas – and displays the results on a color coded bar-graph.

"At a glance you can view data center initiatives and filter the list to include only major IT initiatives," says Bowermon. "You look at your territory and the accounts that have the most target-rich heat map for those particular projects, and then you download detailed background information on the executives involved and message them. How great is that?"

RainKing's tools give Bowermon a strategic edge when making her first contact. "It's extremely valuable to know what competitive tools companies are using. That allows us to deliver very targeted messaging, explaining why we can offer a better solution. For example, a SaaS application company was using a competitive product, and I was able to craft a more targeted message around that. We got a meeting with the CTO, and we're deploying a proof of concept."

And having instant access to details about top executives and their responsibilities eliminates at least one major hurdle from the sales cycle.

"I recently landed a meeting with a large service provider using account intelligence in RainKing," says Bowermon. "I identified the right person in the account plus their responsibilities, and I used that information in an email to target the prospect. It began, 'I read somewhere that you're responsible for X, Y and Z.' They responded saying they want to meet." Bowermon says RainKing is always open. "Whenever I read something about a company, I go into RainKing to pull up the company. I can call or email company contacts and say, 'I just read about your company in a business journal, and I'd love the ability to talk to you.’"

This strategic insight has turbocharged ScienceLogic's marketing campaigns. "We'd developed an email campaign around video collaboration and RainKing enabled us to build a list of contacts based on keywords within their titles or their responsibilities, so we could be much more targeted. We already have four scheduled meetings, and we just launched it at the end of last week," says Bowermon. "With RainKing, we're more targeted in our email subject lines; we're seeing higher open rates, and we're getting more responses."

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