Access Data discovers new approach to penetrating major accounts

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When Trey Tramonte first saw that RainKing could give his people a new way to penetrate major organizations, he simply had to try it.

Tramonte, the senior sales executive at Access Data, is now in his second year as a RainKing customer. He's also a raving fan. "I love RainKing," he says.

Access Data provides investigative technologies to help companies protect against IP theft, fraud, compliance issues, Electronic Discovery, and security breaches. Tramonte's team ultimately wants to penetrate the legal departments at large corporations, and RainKing moves his people closer to key targets faster – by first connecting them with IT security executives.

"While IT isn't our ultimate target, these people are very interested," he says. "So we contact them, and we get them excited about how they can utilize our tools. Then we get them to network internally within the organization to connect us with legal and other key contacts with the budget for our products."

Without RainKing, the job of cold-calling, building a network within the organization, and figuring out the company's reporting structure and current initiatives takes much longer. "RainKing speeds that process for us," says Tramonte. "It helps us zero in on contacts we don't already have. That gives us a starting point much further down the line."

RainKing's web-based service puts clients in charge of a suite of powerful tools to penetrate the IT structure at top corporations. Based on constantly updated intelligence by a team of smart, well-trained research analysts, RainKing delivers precise and accurate contact data and intelligence on the key managers and buyers of technology services and products. RainKing maps out the technology decision making process, including who reports to whom, and which hardware, software and technology systems individual decision makers manage or control.

Tramonte says he has also been able to significantly leverage RainKing's research team. "I love the fact that the team is highly responsive," he says. "If we need additional research done, it's usually taken care of within a few days."

His experience with RainKing has led him to recommend it to a number of other software companies. "RainKing is a very valuable tool," he says. "I'm grateful for the service."

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